Eta Chapter Scholarship Info

Kappa Delta Rho, through the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation, administers a wide variety of scholarships that have been endowed over time by alumni, friends, and families of brothers. Some scholarships are specific to Eta Chapter; others are open to any member. Some are focused on specific areas of study, and others are general in nature. Most scholarships have a stipend of $1,000. The payout can vary year by year depending on portfolio market performance.

Chapter-Specific Scholarships

(Available only to members of Eta Chapter at Illinois; first priority for these scholarships are given to active brothers who will be living in the chapter house.)

  • Thomas Burns Memorial Scholarship (Eta Chapter)
  • Dale Schaffenacker Scholarship (Eta Chapter)
  • Guy Davis Scholarship (Eta Chapter)
  • William Paris Scholarship (Eta Chapter)
  • Michael Mueller Scholarships (Eta Chapter)

New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship

All new members who earn a 3.0 or higher GPA (on a 4.0 scale) during the semester in which they join are eligible to receive a $100 scholarship from the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation. The new member must be initiated as a brother of Kappa Delta Rho and must be in good standing with the local chapter and the National Fraternity.

For more information, visit the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation’s scholarship page.

Recent Scholarship Winners:


Marco Atallah ’26 (Thomas P. Burns Scholarship $2,000)
anonymous ’26 (Dale Schaffenacker Scholarship $1,380)
Ryan Pegler ’26 (Guy Davis Scholarship $1,380)
James Stanley ’26 (William J. Paris Scholarship $1,380)
Evan Zakharchenko ’26 (Michael Mueller Scholarship $1,470)


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Gary Braznichenko ’21 (Tom Burns Memorial Scholarship $1,800; Martin Engineering Scholarship $1,000)
Anthony Crawley ’22 (Bill Paris Scholarship  $1,250)
Dan Caufield ’22 (Dale Schaffenacker Scholarship $1,250)
Jacob Kerkstra ’22 (Guy Davis Scholarship $1,250)


Hyeonjun Bae ’21 (Thomas P. Burns Memorial Scholarship. $750)
Gary Braznichenko ’21 (William J. Paris Scholarship. $1,500)
Gary Braznichenko ’21 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship. $100)
McHugh Carroll ’19 (Guy L. Davis Scholarship. $1,000)
McHugh Carroll ’19 (Michael A. McCarthy Architectural Scholarship. $900)
Filippo Galli ’18 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship. $100)
Tyler Rasmussen ’19 (Rho Alumni Scholarship. $1,000)
Tyler Rasmussen ’19 (Dale W. Schaffenacker Scholarship. $1,000)
Matthew Urbas ’22 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship. $100)


Tyler Rasmussen ’19 (William J. Paris scholarship. $1,000.)
Tyler Rasmussen ’19 (Commerford Martin Engineering Scholarship. $700)
Tyler Rasmussen ’19 (John C. Carl Scholarship. $1,000)
Tyler Rasmussen ’19 (Dale Schaffenacker Scholarship. $1,000)
McHugh Carroll ’19 (Mike McCarthy Architectural Scholarship. $775)
Jeremy Gumila ’19 (Thomas P. Burns Memorial Scholarship. $1,000)
Brian Agins ’19 (Guy H. Davis Scholarship. $1,000)
Quintin Potthast ’20 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship.)
McHugh A. Carroll ’19 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship.)


Donald Fraser ’19 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship. $100)
Zachary Goldberg ’19 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship. $100)
Andrew Lee ’19 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship. $100)
Andrew Lee ’19 (Guy H. Davis Scholarship. $1,000)
Mike Mayer ’18 (Commerford Martin Engineering Scholarship. $1,750)
Mike Mayer ’18 (William J. Paris scholarship. $1,000)
Mike Mayer ’18 (Rho Alumni Scholarship. $1,000)
Steve Pelczarski ’18 (Dale Schaffenacker Scholarship. $1,000)
Tyler Rasmussen ’19 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship. $100)
Tyler Rasmussen ’19 (Thomas P. Burns Memorial Scholarship. $1,000)
Tyler Rasmussen ’19 (Rho Alumni Scholarship. $1,000)
Patrick Wales ’18 (ETA Alumni Scholarship. $1,000)
Colin Weintraub ’18 (Rho Alumni Scholarship. $1,000)


Abhishek Belani ’18 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship. $100)
Luke Cohen ’18 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship. $100)
Joseph Mayer ’18 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarship. $100)
Kevin Quealy ’16 (Guy H. Davis Scholarship. $1,000)
Patrick Wales ’18 (Dale Schaffenacker Scholarship $750)
Patrick Wales ‘18 (Thomas P. Burns Memorial Scholarship. $1,000)
Kevin Walsh ’16 (William J. Paris Scholarship. $1,000)


Chris Charhut ’16 (Thomas P. Burns Memorial Scholarship. $1,000)
William Clarke ’15 (William J. Paris Scholarship. $1,000)
Patrick Daley ’15 (Dale Schaffenacker Scholarship. $1,000)
Matthew Krueger ’16 (Guy H. Davis Scholarship. $1,000)
Peter Wen ’17 (New Member Academic Achievement Scholarships. $100)


Scott Anderson ’14 (Thomas P. Burns Memorial Scholarship. $1,000)
Chris Charhut, ’16 (Guy H. Davis Scholarship. $1,000)
Patrick Daley ’15 (Dale Schaffenacker Scholarship. $1,000)
Navdeep Singh ’15 (William J. Paris Scholarship. $1,000)