Recruitment FAQ

What Is Recruitment?

You will hear fraternities reference “rush” or “recruitment”. They both mean the same thing. Each semester, each fraternity seeks to find or “recruit” new members. ΚΔΡ will have recruitment events, which basically give you, an interested individual, an opportunity to meet the brothers in the chapter and for us to meet you. It’s basically about meeting new people, finding out if you like each other and have common interests.

What Is a Bid?

A logical question is what happens during or after recruitment? How do you become a member of the fraternity? The brothers of ΚΔΡ will meet you and get to know you. You should certainly do the same. Once we feel comfortable, we will take a vote among the membership whether to extend an invitation to join ΚΔΡ. That invitation is known as a “bid”. Once you have a bid, you have a certain period of time within which to accept the bid. That period ends on the night of the formal pledging ceremony. Don’t be nervous though! The ceremony is, in fact, formal, and you’ll be in a suit and tie or coat and tie. This is when you first begin to learn what it means to be a ΚΔΡ.

Does ΚΔΡ Haze?

Good question, and one you should ask of any fraternity you might consider. Kappa Delta Rho, at the National Level and within our chapter, has very strict anti-hazing policies. We do make a commitment to you by inviting you to become a member. We expect you to make a similar commitment to learn who and what ΚΔΡ is as you become a member.

Why Should I Join ΚΔΡ?

The fraternity you choose should be a good fit for you. We would encourage you to look deeper than the nicest house or the biggest social calendar. The choice you make should be a group of guys whom you feel comfortable with and fit in with. It is important to have common interests and goals. As you look at our website, you’ll see brothers throughout the generations who have returned to give time back to ΚΔΡ in a volunteer role. You will see photos of brothers at each other’s weddings, and while there aren’t photos, there have always been brothers at funerals as well. ΚΔΡ is a lifelong opportunity. You get back far more than you ever put in, but it is up to you to be engaged and to benefit from the experience. Find your place and the guys you connect with and have a great experience. We hope it’s with us at ΚΔΡ.

Will My Grades Be Affected?

At ΚΔΡ, academic achievement is a very high priority. You don’t have to be a perfect student, but we do expect our brothers to work hard to do their best. If you are only looking for a fraternity for parties, then ΚΔΡ might not be the right fit for you. That said, joining any fraternity can involve a demand on your time as you become involved in activities which could range from athletics to social functions to just hanging out. You need to be mindful of what you need to do in school. If you need help, just say so. Our brothers and leadership will help with study guides, tutoring, or required study hours. At ΚΔΡ, our belief is that you are a student first and are here to study and learn.

What Does It Cost To Join ΚΔΡ?

ΚΔΡ, like any fraternity, is a private membership organization. There is a cost to join, and then there is an ongoing cost each semester. The new-member fee for 2023 is $450 and is due at the time of formal pledging. That represents the dues assessed by the National Fraternity, which includes the cost of joining plus your risk-management assessment. Each spring, all members pay annual dues to the National Fraternity. For spring 2023, the National dues are $198. Locally, we assess our member’s social dues of $225 per semester. In the fall, every member pays a risk management (insurance) fee which is approximately $345. New members do not pay the social and risk management fees during the semester they join. To help with the cost of joining, ΚΔΡ has a New Member Academic Achievement program through the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation. Any new member who attains a 3.0 or higher during his pledge semester is eligible to apply for and receive a $100 stipend. If he lives in the house the semester after initiation, it is bumped to $300.